17 July 2012


Ready, OKAY!
1-2-3-4-5, blah-blah-blah, don't take no jive, 6-7-8-9-10, back it up 'n do it again!

amongst craziness, time with friends and family has happened! 
I thought I'd start off with some pictures. Life has been pretty crazy. I know it always seems that way when I blog, but right now life is such a blur for me! Let's see, the last post was May 24th... well, regretfully, I realized I never posted about my camping trip over spring break! Well, maybe I'll get to it one day, but we ended up dis-pleased with the Malibu site, drove home and did Joshua Tree the next day. It was pretty cool :) As always.

Anyhow, I started at the Encinitas TJ's location, and so far so good. I am doing a lot of sign-work and the incessant busy-ness of this store is really nice. It makes for seemingly short days :) The drive is really nice too. Nice and short(er)! Here is some of the art I've done so far...some of which has already been ruined by shopping carts (SIGH).

First up, VALUE SIGNS:


Anyways, so among life at TJ's, I've been interning at the Boys and Girls Club for my final undergrad class. It was a pleasant surprise to have my volunteering turn into a paid internship, but also way more demanding. I get to run clubs (kind of like classes) within the club, so I am sort of pseudo teacher. I have six clubs: dance club, art club, writing club, running club, yoga club, and song club. I have my favorites, one of which is art, but they all offer something neat. Song club was actually started by one of the kids, so that has been cool/interesting to see develop. Anyhow, I snapped some pictures of the art club in action!!

some kids just wanted to mix paint, hehe

we were doing paintings in the style of Van Gogh, it was fun to see their interpretations of the art style.

It has been a pretty tiring gig, but all in all it has been great experience. The kids are absolutely hilarious. Even when it is at my expense...ha.

The week of the 4th of July, I had the chance to go to an Artist Book Exhibition at the UCSD library with my fine friend, Quinn. It was pretty incredible. Here were some of my favorites:

In June, my grandma turned 96!! How's that for longevity! The ongoing joke is that she will outlive us all...
I was pretty bummed that there weren't 96 candles, but hey, whatever.
We took 2 of these on my camera. This one was my fave though because Neely is pointing at the camera.

In other news, everyone around me is having babies. One of these baby-havers told me about these awesome nursing covers that she saw, but how outrageously priced they were. She then suggested that I make them...so I did. Here's her's, another her's, and another her's!

I also had the chance of participating in artist penpal exchange! Here's what I mailed:
If you're interested in being a penpal, check out the Facebook page

Poor picture of the final result, but here's what I did for the Sushi Lounge. It's quite big...go and see it live and get some Peppered Seared Ahi and a Lounge Stack!! :D

Last, but certainly not least, I am going to be in an art show this weekend!! I am not quite sure if I should have participated (because I think I may be going a little LOCO) but I already have a semi-clean desk, and have mostly everything marked and packed up! If you are local North County San Diego, or feel like driving, come by and say, "hello!". We will have wine!!
My desk pre-show....uggggh

A sneak peak of something new!
I had the honor of designing the flyer...and also the honor of hanging them. Hanging is a lot more challenging then my grey matter made it out to be!
Other than this and that, life is good. I am ready for September, the time when I can take a slight step back and enjoy moments of time passing. I will be taking a screen printing class, and am beyond excited...but my brain won't let me feel that right now. Jb and I will be heading to MI for a week the beginning of August, looking forward to that...aaaand, yeah. I think that's all. For now. Thanks for reading! Here's our shadows!!



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